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WordPress Hosted with Jetpack
A Simple WordPress Website with Jetpack plugin, automatically installed on our award-winning Plesk control panel server. Complete with email service and full support from both WordPress and Langlois Internet.
If you need a quick and easy website that you can edit yourself, looks nice and can customize out of the box, WordPress is always the way to go. You can create, upgrade and move your site, and you don’t have to worry about learning HTML, or programming to get the professional effects and graphics you need. WordPress is scalable, so the “power user” can do actual programming to alter or create new themes. It also can be used by people who are not the “power nerd” programmer.
Our “Simple WordPress Website with Jetpack” offering comes with the WordPress CMS pre-installed on our Plesk server, so no need to install a database or upload/download any files. The Plesk control panel gives you the ability to create email addresses for your domain, edit files directly, create sub-domains, and use FTP old-style and you can Upgrade to our Plesk Business Web and Email Plesk hosting and add two more domains for only $2 a month more. Monthly subscription to our Plesk hosted WordPress Website is only $9.95 a month.
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