New Year Greeting

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New Year Greeting!
New Year Greeting from Langlois Internet!

2022 was a great year, but 2023 will be better! New services, apps and adventure coming.
We are adding new services, daily, and updating and upgrading existing to serve our community better. We have full featured WordPress support, premiere and economy subscriptions, domain registration, and a World Class Web Development Team to serve your every Web/Email want and need.
Full time 24/7 365 technical support for issues great and small. We even offer technical classes for the web initiates.
Our graphics team is without peer! Whether you need a logo, custom web artwork, photo enhancement, posters, printshop work or custom font, we can do it.
VPS services:
We can provision a new, Custom Virtual Private Server for you, to your specifications within 24 hours. Web Services, Databases, Email servers, Full support, using VMWare ESXi, Linux KVM, or Windows Hyper-V. We can provision for Windows Server, Linux (with Control Web Panel or Plesk), FreeBSD and Custom Micro Kernels. If you need remote administration, or support, our engineers are standing by to help you.
Video Support is available. Streaming, hosting, storing and editing, whatever you need done!
Our New Year Greeting is extended to you all year long. Keep a look out for new and exciting features coming soon in the future! We’ll be waiting for you!

Mark is the main Programmer, Editor, Administrator, bottle washer and janitor (as well as founder) of Langlois Internet and Nextwork Engineering. If you need anything, contact Mark.