Saturday January 7 2023 Update

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This is a personal message from Mark Langlois, CEO and owner of Langlois Internet Saturday January 7 2023 Update:

Hello.  I am all in.  Almost 100% of my income has gone to funding this business.  I live in the high desert in California, on a plot of land, 100% on solar and wind energy.  Water needs to be trucked in (no well), and nearest neighbor is a chicken farmer.  We are a struggling small business in the Victor Valley area.

For this, I have a dream of self-reliance, self-sufficiency and sustainability.   How can we, as a free people, remain free, independent, and able to care for the ones we love in this economy, and political situation?  For that fact, “no man is an island” is a euphonism for a general lack of independent spirit, and a general gaslighting that we all experience in school/college/life.  All men and women are in fact islands, an archipelago in a deep and vast ocean.

an Archipelago Saturday January 7 Update

This is true no matter how close we are jammed together. It is an ocean of indifference to our thoughts, desires, hopes fears and dreams. We build bridges, we shout messages to one another, we connect in other ways.

Langlois internet is about connecting people. We strive to find the fords, build the bridges, shout the messages and break the isolation. For business, and individuals. We create the community, on the internet, so you can create the real community in your life and business.  If you are “all in” as well, I think we will make a good fit for your personal blog or your business, ecommerce or entertainment site.

You are welcome here.  Have a seat, have a beverage, let’s talk!

Mark is the main Programmer, Editor, Administrator, bottle washer and janitor (as well as founder) of Langlois Internet and Nextwork Engineering. If you need anything, contact Mark.