I Need Help!

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Recently I made a tactical error, business wise. That 18 months for a year’s subscription deal was supposed to get new customers, but it did not. Instead, only existing customers took the deal, and why wouldn’t they, it’s a good deal. Now, however, there is less coming in monthly, and I made my problem worse.

I am not asking you for money (though it would be nice if you could help me out a little, don’t get me wrong).
If you are willing, I am offering you a commission on web hosting and web development clients.
25% for monthly subscriptions, ongoing.
50% for web site development.

I am not asking you to go around selling my product door to door or something. You have contacts with organizations and people I know need that sort of service.
Over the years through hard work the service that I offer is as reliable and I offer as much as competitors like GoDaddy (I even do domain registrations through a partner), Wix and SquareSoft. My problem is marketing and customer retention.

You don’t have to know anything about the business, just know people, the details are on my website: https://business.langlois-comp.com and the store is https://business.langlois-comp.com/billing/, and I can give you a “coupon code” or something so I know who your referrals are and give them a discount or whatever.

Let me know if this interests you, and we can make a contract, or whatever.

Mark Langlois

Mark is the main Programmer, Editor, Administrator, bottle washer and janitor (as well as founder) of Langlois Internet and Nextwork Engineering. If you need anything, contact Mark.